Dear Intrepid Reader

Welcome to my small little blog on the web.  It's not much, but it is home and this will be the place where I talk about (and with) imaginary people, as well as share musings on my own writing and writing in general. I'll also have the opportunity to interact with you, the reader...which is both a wonderful and a terrible (that's spelled terrifying) prospect.

    After tentatively entering the fraught world of writing towards publication, with toes now wet in anthology seas (A Wolf's Moon in QUEER WOLF published by Queered Fiction; For Her Eyes in BLOOD FRUIT published by Queered Fiction), I've decided that it's time to establish a hub web presence and this blog 'QUINN SMYTHWOOD: Life With Imaginary People'  is it.

    For those of you who tag along, I hope that you'll find life with imaginary people an interesting ride, as much as I have and do...but please note: I'm not on speaking terms with other people's imaginary friends.  Although, I certainly don't mind if you're keen on introducing them.


Quinn Smythwood


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