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Hey Intrepid Readers, 

So it's 2011 and where the heck has Quinn been? Oh I've been around living that wild ride they call life and generally behaving like I'm completely responsibility free... Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and now everyone knows that I procrastinated. Nevertheless it's a new year and with new years come great burdens that we like to call resolutions; new year wannabes just doesn't have the same sense of finality to it, though it mayjust a tadbe more accurate. Yes, I realise it's a trifle late to be bringing new years and resolutions to the table, but I've been trying to estivate through the usual resolution period and forgive me if I've just crawled out of my cave to greet 2011 and suss out the character of this spring chicken.  

   So what's my resolution for 2011?  Well I've got a couple dangling metaphors in front of me as we speak, but I'll highlight just numero uno: Get a novel/la out this year. I've been dancing around that one for a good while and I think this year stands there with goal posts wide open, so let's see if we can put aside the wannabe and hit this resolution on the nail.

   While I was sleeping the HELEBORE & RUE anthology (my contribution here is Gloam) was releasedmere days ago in fact, appearing on the Drollerie Press website (15% discount) and will be available at other distributors soon. ZOMBIALITY (my contribution Dead Boy Number One) was nominated in the best book/anthology category at the Mail Order Zombie Dead Letter AwardsI kid you not; yes I'd not heard of it before either...but this is year three for the awardsand the votes are public, so throw in your two cents in categories ranging from fiction to film and even best score in a zombie movie! Voting happens here. Pop over, you know you want to; where else will you get to chose between "Ball me sideways! Preserve my eyes!" and "It's your ass. If you want to get it kicked, who am I to stop you?" among others for best one-liner in a zombie movie?  That's a rare type of awesome. Don't forget to check your favourite anthology on the click out of your voting booth.  

   I've made the social media leap and jumped onboard twitter. Say hello @smythwood if you're in the twitterhood. If you're a tweepno reallywhat are you tweeting about?  


Quinn Smythwood


Naomi Clark said...

Welcome to Twitter :) And good luck with the novella - here's to a productive 2011!

Quinn Smythwood said...

Thank you, Naomi. Good luck with that severe case of the Mary Sues...and thanks for the warm welcome to the twitterverse.

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