I'm back from outer space

Hey Intrepid Readers,

I know alien abduction ain’t gonna fly with you folks; so would you believe wicked witchcraft? Yes, okay, I’ve been a little on the quiet side and maybe someone noticed. (I hope not; I tried to be real circumspect about it.) The year has all but flown by and I came back from a little holiday away (it happened in March, I’m absolutely sure of it because I’m still paying off the instalments) and it turned into months and months and months…(and months!)
   Seven months! Really? Good lord! I thought of it more like revolving credit, no more than three demands for payments…you know, 90 days final notice stuff, but alas no. Seven months! Regular correspondence shall return; but I hear a wicked witch call my name…and this Halloween so shall you…

Quinn Smythwood


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