Friday Flash Fiction #1

There's an interesting trend in the Twitterverse that peaked my interest, Flash Fiction Friday!  I figured I'd jump onboard and make it a regular feature in the 'Life with Imaginary People' blog. 


They say a demon's touch is hot. They say their lips are scorching. I'd heard that anyway. His kiss was cold. Was he the exception? His kisses were cold but he was smoking hot and pure blood demon. Heth looked liked like an angel, but seduced like a pro. The kiss was ardent and skilful. My lips felt pleasantly bruised. Heth seemed fragile and so easily broken. I could feel his heart beating, the pulse at his throat. Who'd have imagined demons could die? 

His grass-green eyes didn't look predatory at all. I let him think me innocent and shy.

100 words
©Quinn Smythwood 2011

I'd love to collaborate with others. Would you like to be part of an Urban Fantasy/Speculative Fiction  Friday Flash group?  Already writing Friday Flash Fiction then leave a link in the comments - I'd love to read your piece.


Raven Corinn Carluk said...

Welcome to FridayFlash.

Poor poor Heth.

Quinn Smythwood said...

Thanks, Raven! I appreciate the welcome!

Craig Smith said...

Fiery hot and in so few words too. Well done :)

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