Friday Flash Fiction #3

It's another friday and we've got another bit of supernatural flash fiction fresh from the seas...


His voice makes it impossible to think. The words seep into my mind and stick there; smoky, rich, deep and eternal. He seduces me easily to the water’s edge. Without silence I can’t focus on the brazen glow of his skin and the muscled chest, the chiselled jaw and his eyes like green fire. The water is cold as I wade in. I go anyway. He reaches out to drown me and I place a kiss on his full lips and spell them quiet as I drink away his voice. He tastes of honey and his struggles don’t last long.
100 words
©Quinn Smythwood 2011

100 words. Is it a story? You decide. Is there a mythic being/beastie you would like to see tackled in these Friday Flash Fiction pieces? I’d love to hear about your favourites and maybe you’ll see them in a 100 word flash soon! If you've written a Friday Flash Fiction piece why not let me know about it in the comments? I'd love to read your offering.


Craig Smith said...

Such a great last line. I would like to see more of this beasie.

FARfetched said...

Nicely done — which one was the siren then? Funny how we both ended up with sirens in our #FridayFlash this week.

John Wiswell said...

Didn't realize how many negative female sea-critters there are in mythology.

I'd like to see some feel-good comedies about Baba-Yaga, personally.

Adam B said...

This is a cool little story. It opens up so much more. Great idea condensed into a small word count.
Adam B @revhappiness

Sonia Lal said...

LOL One succubus, one siren? Either way, I think it's a great little story.

Peter Newman said...

Ohh, I like the "smoky" words!

Quinn Smythwood said...

Thanks eveyone for the comments.

The siren was the 'he' not the 'I'...and Sonia, I love your interpretation of the 'I'.

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