Friday Flash Fiction #4

It's hard to believe that it is December already and here we are with the first Friday of the last month of 2011. Today's supernatural flash fiction has an SF edge...

Dragons are made not born, I think as I attach the last iridescent scale. Then he is wheeled out of surgery to the Hall of the Transformed.

His final examination is a week later. I check his flame gland, his wings and the glittering sheath of scales. His skin is smooth and hard as diamonds. When he smiles, his teeth are predatory. I ask him again if he wants to change his mind. He doesn’t. I discharge him to the skies. 

With a heavy heart I fulfil my legal obligation and notify the knights. Perhaps I made him strong enough.  
100 words
©Quinn Smythwood 2011

100 words. Is it a story? You decide. Is there a mythic being/beastie you would like to see tackled in these Friday Flash Fiction pieces? I’d love to hear about your favourites and maybe you’ll see them in a 100 word flash soon! If you've written a Friday Flash Fiction piece why not let me know about it in the comments? I'd love to read your offering.


Craig Smith said...

I think it makes a great story, one I think you can return to, would love to find out what happens next...

John Wiswell said...

Wow, this is heavier with implication than I can remember any other recent drabble. Even the delivery of the opening line, which at first seems trite and then we reveal he is literally building a dragon with scales. The closing emotional twist of obligation is also neat. Unlike most drabbles, I don't feel cheated out of a good narrative. The hints all click.

FARfetched said...

This is great. You're a Drabble Master. This could easily be the kernel of a larger work.

Peter Newman said...

This is great and I'd echo what John said.

I was talking about the trouble with drabbles only yesterday and a wise woman said to me that they needed to contain change for them to work.

This packs lots of development into a very short piece.

Aidan Fritz said...

I like how much you've managed to stuff into this drabble. Bioengineered folks, dragons, and the intriguing hunt.

Quinn Smythwood said...

Thanks everyone for the awesome comments.

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