Friday Flash Fiction #7

Merry Christmas everyone! This is my official Christmas drabble for 2011 and I hope that you all enjoy it.  Whether you're home for the holidays or going farther afield, have a wonderful one.

by arvael18


The house is oh so quiet. I move through the dark to the bedroom where they sleep. In the night, I see all. They curve together, clinging to each other. Short breaths through half parted lips, the pulse of blood in their veins; they are a sweet temptation. Almost, I forget my promise, forget my reason for coming. 

I leave before I give in to sensual desires. It is my furtive gift to them.  I leave without tasting; without spilling a drop of blood. Past the twinkle of lights, beneath mistletoe and holly, I smile. Another secret Santa, another year.  
100 words
©Quinn Smythwood 2011

100 words (Drabble). Is it a story? You decide. Is there a mythic being/beastie you would like to see tackled in these Friday Flash Fiction pieces? I’d love to hear about your favourites and maybe you’ll see them in a 100 word flash soon! If you've written a Friday Flash Fiction piece why not let me know about it in the comments? I'd love to read your offering.


Peter Newman said...

Impressive again. You have a real knack for these. Although I hate folk that think they've done me a favour by not doing something horrible to me.

Love your take on a secret Santa btw.

John Wiswell said...

At least the visitor didn't eat them!

Helen said...

Hmm that was nice of him not to munch on them!

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